Abandoned Pig Recovers At Local Shelter

A blind pig was rescued outside of Mandan. Allison Smith, who is the owner of Kitty City Animal Rescue, is one of the people who is caring for the pig. Allison made a 500-mile trip to pick up the pig named Wanda. She stated that the pig is in semi-rough shape and is being nursed back to health at the shelter.

Wanda does not have any eyes. She also has severe infections in her eye sockets and overgrown hooves. Wanda had been living on an abandoned property when she was rescued. Christa DeBooer is the director of the Freeborn County Humane Society. She had been called the property because there were cats, dogs, raccoons and pigs living in unsanitary conditions.

Christa took Wanda to the shelter, but neither she nor the other staff members knew how to take care of a pig. Wanda was also in bad shape. She did not want to eat or drink. That is why Christa decided to post on Facebook and ask people for help. Allison Smith was so touched by the post that she felt compelled to help.

Before Allison took Wanda to the shelter, they made a trip to the veterinarian. No one knows how old Wanda is, but she weighs between 150 and 200 pounds. The vet’s biggest concern is Wanda’s eyes. She will eventually need to have surgery.

Wanda’s recovery is going well. She is eating well and staying hydrated. Allison has had experience with blind animals.