Abandoned And Abused Dogs Are Rescued And Given Loving Homes

A sad fact is how many dogs are in need of rescue all over the world. Fortunately there are individuals who have stepped up and given these dogs good homes. Fiona was a golden retriever rescued from the streets of Taiwan with the help of a rescue program in Los Angeles. She was abandoned and left alone on a balcony to starve but her new owners have provided her with a loving life since 2013.

Midnight was adopted by a woman and her boyfriend in Southeast Michigan through a rescue operation called Providing for Paws. Her jaw had been broken by a much larger dog when she was only a few weeks old. Providing for Paws gave her shelter and paid for her jaw to be fixed. She was fostered for nearly a year but now has a home where she is considered sweet and smart.

Minnie was rescued and adopted from a shelter after being saved from a puppy mill. She weighed under four pounds, her leg was broken, all her paws were covered with open sores, her coat was nearly gone and all of her teeth were rotting. It took the vet weeks to pull seven of her teeth, wrap all her paws, and amputate her leg. She now has a beautiful coat, is a snuggle machine, loves everyone and is fearless. For more details and photos of all the dogs who have been rescued by loving individuals please visit https://www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/rescue-dogs-before-and-after?utm_term=.yspwJxrqz#.tap7m4P6n.

Mowgli was found dumped right on the side of the road in Saint Croix on a street where there were a lot of dogs. He did not have the ability to eat or to stand. He was malnourished and had been beaten. He was suffering from mange, had to have his tail amputated, had tapeworms, and every bone in his body was visible. He was found by a good person who could not bear to let him suffer. It took a lot of hospital time and care but now Mowgli is happy, healthy and living in a good home.