A Pet Halloween Costume Contests Raises Money For Dog Rescue

On Saturday, October 28, 2017 several human and canine volunteers donned Halloween costumes in a lighthearted effort to raise money to support Lucky Paws Dog Rescue in Regina, Canada. The event, entitled “Bark at the Moon”, featured puppies and dogs wearing a variety of scary holiday costumes. Many of the human handlers also appeared in elaborate Halloween garb. Several judges scored the costumes. The judges included: Rory Allen, Teri Fikowski, Jamie Fischer.

A Variety of Dog Costumes

Richard and Bonnie Chamberlain entered their Boxer Izzy wearing a Batgirl T-shirt. She joined “Payton”, a three-legged Pitbull belonging to Ethan Ritchie. Payton wore a cute football costume.

Terri Dolph carried her little dog Niki to the event; the Boston Terrier sported a large set of Monarch butterfly wings and a cap with antennae. Tracey Isenor’s Papillon mix, Mickey, appeared in a rock star costume. The Chamberlains also entered a second dog in the charitable contest. Their Pit Bull Terrier, Tika, arrived dressed in a fuzzy brown and white bear costume.

Supporting Dog Rescue

The Bark at the Moon Event sought to raise money to support canine rescue efforts. The high population of dogs and cats in North America has resulted in more pets in shelters than available homes. Rescue organizations typically seek to locate forever families for strays.

The Humane Society of the United States reports pet owners support 70 million dogs and 74.1 million cats in the USA alone. The organization encourages pet adoptions.