A Blind Pig Has Been Rescued

A potbellied pig has been rescued in Minnesota. It had been abandoned by its previous owner. Now a North Dakota animal shelter is taking care of the animal. The name of the shelter is Kitty City. The pig owes its life to a volunteer who was willing to drive more than 500 miles to get the pig and bring it to the shelter. The pig is completely blind because both of its eyes are no longer there. However, there are infections in both of the sockets. The pig has been given antibiotics to help fight the infections. Surgery will be needed so that the remaining eyeball tissue can be removed. The sockets will need to be sewn shut to prevent any further infections from happening.

The pig was abandoned by a person who owned the property where the pig was living. The person sold the property and the pig was found by the new owner. This person got in touch with the local chapter of the Humane Society. However, the people working there did not know how to deal with a pig. They had never treated one before. They asked for help on Facebook. This is how the animal shelter in North Dakota found out about the pig. It was not in the best of health when it finally arrived at the shelter. However, it is doing much better now. It is eating on a regular basis. However, it will be a few weeks until the animal has completely recovered.