80 Animals Removed From Two Homes

Over 80 animals were removed from two homes in Franklin, New Jersey. A total of 81 cats and one bird were removed from the home. The Gloucester County animal control staff removed the animals. All of the animals have been checked by a veterinarian. They are currently being held at the Gloucester County Animal Shelter. There have not been any charges filed against the owners of the home.

Police are currently investigating the situation. All of the animals in the home were alive. However, animal rescue workers noted that the conditions in the home were not healthy.

Animal hoarding is a common problem. It occurs when a person takes in more animals than they are able to care for. People are overwhelmed by the number of animals in the home. They cannot provide the animals with the proper food and shelter. The animals also lack veterinary care.

Many people who hoard animals believe that they are doing the right thing. They think that they are rescuing animals from a bad situation. However, the animals often live in poor conditions and are sick. Hoarding is unhealthy for both animals and pets.

It is important to note that hoarding is not the same as having multiple animals in one’s home. Many people have multiple animals, but they are able to take care of them. A hoarder’s home is often in poor condition, smells of ammonia and is covered in feces.