18 Dogs From Texas Are Ready For Adoption

Lauren Barrios and Emily Basten are the co-founders of Handmedown Hounds. They spent their Thanksgiving helping dogs get a home. They traveled for a total of 2,000 miles in four days. It typically takes 35 hours to travel 2,000 miles. However, this trip took 50 hours because of walks and potty breaks.

Luna, Jazzy G, Serena and Mister Bubbles are some of the 13 dogs that are ready for adoption. Lisa Hockins is the manager of a shelter called PAWS. She stated that the dogs are fun and happy. She also stated that they were happy to have the pups at the shelter. She is the one who arranged for the dogs to be transferred from Texas to the shelters.

Devan Lord is one of the people who is looking forward to adopting a dog. He already has one, but he is eager to give another one a home. More people in the Pacific Northwest are adopting dogs. There are currently 19 dogs on their way to the shelter from Texas. They will be ready for adoption on Thursday, November 29, 2017.

Handmedown Hounds is a rescue group that is committed to rescuing abused and neglected animals. When people adopt animals from the PAWS shelter, they are vetted and healthy. The vast majority of the animals at the shelter are from out of the state.